Esthetique la Chance
Esthetique la Chance 

Give yourself a pretty chance


Our company is built on the principles of selling quality products and providing reliable service.
Located in the heart of Montreal, we are an one-stop-shop for all well-being services.
Managed by a team of qualified professionals and led by the experienced esthetician, massotherapist and naturotherapist, Carlotta KO, who had numerous certificates and diplomas in the field, has been working in the Canadian wellness and beauty industry since 1991.
We offer not only professional, reliable and effective services but also our sincere hospitality.
We have 4 individual rooms and one double room, equipped with a private shower and toilet and neatly decorated to suit your avant-garde taste.

By appointment only. Please call to reserve your space.

(Non-opening hours appointment may be requested.)
Please call 514-396-2226 for more info.
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