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Sulwhasoo - At the heart of traditional Korean medicine is the concept of "harmony": the idea that the Chi of nature flows to create a general balance; and that human beings are one with nature, with body and mind being indivisible halves of the same person. Following the best of Chinese / Korean medicinal tradition, Sulwhasoo's functions, aroma and texture were carefully considered, resulting in a holistic equilibrium point that facilitates interaction between mind, body and nature, creating a state of true harmony within your very own body. Sulwhasoo can penetrates deep into your skin, restoring its natural suppleness from inside out. A Total Treatment concept, everything from our herbal treatment techniques to sensuous packaging design is aimed at providing you with a total sensory experience. This means that your skin will rejuvenate with your state of mind, leaving you with beauty that is more than skin deep.

Where to Find Us:

Esthetique la Chance Inc.
1111 RUE Saint-Urbain
Suite M08
Montreal, QC H2Z 1Y6

Phone: +1 514 3962226

What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


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